Misato Katsuragi Appreciation

How do I even begin to explain Misato Katsuragi?

  • Misato is awesome.
  • She’s a sexy twenty-nine-year-old lady and a major in the Japanese military - and don’t test her on that, because she can and will bust a cap in some SEELE motherfucker’s ass when they try to invade NERV and start Third Impact. 
  • Misato puts up with living with Shinji and Asuka for twenty-six episodes, three movies and multiple spinoffs, goddamn. Could you do that? No, you couldn’t. 
  • (A side note: I love Shinji and Asuka too, their appreciation posts are coming.)
  • She only sleeps with one person throughout the entire series, but people call her a slut because their tiny brains can’t handle the existence of such a free, fabulous bitch.
  • Other people have cats and dogs? Misato has a penguin, because Misato gives zero fucks. 
  • Fun fact about the penguin: according to the manga, she rescued it from animal experimentation because she’s kind-hearted as fuck.
  • Misato finds out the truth about Third Impact and does her best to stop it while everyone else is off fucking crying about their dead wives and moms.
  • She’s got issues, but fuck it, this is Evangelion. We’re all mad here.

And if you write her off as a slut, you’re not worthy to lick the dirt off her sexyfine high-heeled boots. Bow.

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    Words cannot describe how much I love her.
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    To be honest, the first two Rebuild movies are the only Evangelion material I’ve watched (yeah, I’m a pleb), and Misato...